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Your metabolism is not broken

I refuse to ‘get old’ or be silenced by the stigma of menopause. Women just like you tell me every day that their metabolism is broken, perimenopause has wreaked havoc on their hormones and their bodies no longer respond to the ‘eat less, train more’ regime we used to follow. I hear you!

No more. I show you how to get your body back - but better! Stop starving yourself. Stop dieting then bingeing. Stop beating your body with endless cardio, HIIT and fasted workouts.

 The meopause project courtney

Get your body back -
but even better!

Welcome! I’m Courtney and I’m pumped you’re here. I’m a Certified Specialist Women’s Coach with over 10 years in the fitness industry, helping women just like you to become fitter, stronger, leaner and more confident. I’m 47, a mum of two, a cancer survivor and a menopausal weapon! I am loud and proud that chemo shoved me straight into menopause and made me bloated, fat, exhausted and craving sugar! I shed 10kgs and 16% body fat in 10 weeks using The Menopause Project techniques. Without cardio. Without fad diets. And without depriving myself. (I eat 6 times a day, every day - I’m an eating machine!)

Easy strategies for busy women

Stop Googling “lose weight fast” and “best diet for fat loss”. I’ll show you easy strategies you can use to nourish your body - and your tastebuds. How to eat out without blowing out. How to exercise to achieve visible, jaw-dropping results. Strong arms. Lean legs. Tight abs. Perky butt. The Menopause Project is for you.


Get your best body now


Let’s do this,

Courtney x

The meopause project

Real results. Simple.

I show you proven methods that get REAL RESULTS. Simple. Easy. Accessible. Even if you’re busy. Even if you’re exhausted. Even if you’ve tried every diet and they haven’t worked for you.

With The Menopause Project you’ll be eating real food. Training smart. Transforming your body. For sustainable, long term results you can count on for a lifetime.

The meopause project

Get to know me:

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