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How I lost 10kgs in 10 weeks without dieting

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

After cancer, chemotherapy and injury, I lost 10kgs in 10 weeks without dieting. I ate six meals a day, trained four times a week and went from 33% body fat to 17% body fat in less than three months. How? Read on.

Losing fat is easy when you make smarter choices

How to lose weight without dieting

‘Dieting’ infers a start point and an end point. At some point you will come ‘off’ the diet and return to your old eating habits. This is EXACTLY why diets don’t work.

We prefer the term ‘nutrition’ to ‘diet’ at The Menopause Project. We don’t drastically restrict calories. We don’t ban foods or food groups (ahem, keto). We don’t have ‘cheat’ meals because we don’t need to cheat. We’re just eating food that fuels our workouts, builds healthy bodies and tempts our taste buds. Everyone else on a ‘diet’ can keep living their culinary hell. We’re over here eating real food, thanks very much.

1. Track your calories and macros

If you don’t track your food, you will never know what or how much you’re eating. Most women are shocked to see how little protein they consume daily, and how many calories are in their favourite go-to sushi, chicken wrap, supermarket protein bar or cafe acai bowl.

At The Menopause Project, we calculate custom calories and macros FOR YOU, and track food accordingly, to hit your nutrition goals. Because when you nail your nutrition, you get results.

2. Make smarter food choices

Learning about food choices and how to get more food for your calories is a key component at The Menopause Project. Pre-transformation, I was eating about 2500 calories per day. During my fat loss phase, I dropped to 1600-1800 calories per day. That’s a BIG reduction and some smart tweaking required to ensure I never felt deprived or hungry.

Losing fat is easy when you make smarter choices like:

  • Chobani Greek yoghurt instead of mayonnaise or sour cream

  • Ditching packet sauces and spice mixes for home-made or pure spices, like cumin or paprika

  • Eating a high protein breakfast instead of toast or cereal, to cancel cravings

Want to learn more? Discover The Menopause Project - unlock the secrets to your best ever body in just 8 weeks.

3. Don’t drink your calories

Store-bought protein shakes, flavoured coffees, juices, energy drinks and alcohol use up valuable calories when you’re in a fat loss phase.

We save our calories for real food to fuel your body. Make your own protein shake so you know exactly what’s in it. Ditch the caramel shot in your coffee. (Hint: if you need caramel/vanilla/sweetener/chocolate sprinkles in your coffee, you’re not drinking coffee. You’re drinking caffeinated sugar.) Go ‘dry’ and give up alcohol for a month or two to see rapid results.

If I could spend 150 calories on a glass of white wine or a tub of Greek yoghurt with strawberries, I’ll choose the latter thanks. Protein, calcium, fibre, carbohydrates. And no regrets tomorrow or the next time I jump on the scales.

Not sure what to eat or when? Get your proven roadmap for success at The Menopause Project - 8 weeks to totally transform your body.

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