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Crazy dieting and endless cardio ends here!

Welcome to The Menopause Project - banish the belly bloat, lose stubborn fat and control cravings. All while nourishing your hormones - and your tastebuds! Feel energised, healthy and strong at any age with proven weight loss techniques for real women that get real results.

Whether you’re peri-menopausal, menopausal or beyond, you’re in the right place.

the Menopause Prject - Courtney
The Menopause Project - Workouut 40 50 lose weight

Lose weight easily after 40, 50 and beyond

Ever feel like your hormones are fighting against you? That no matter how hard you exercise or eat ‘clean’, you just can’t lose weight? That you’re feeling tired, fat and resigned to thinking this is how it has to be?


Did you know that menopausal symptoms can start 5-10 years before you actually enter menopause? You might still be getting a regular menstrual cycle and in your late 30s, early 40s or even 50s but your body is changing and you want it back. STAT!

Courtney - The Menopause Project

Sound familiar?

Feeling like you’re in a never ending battle with your body

The tactics you used in your 20s and early 30s no longer work 

Your belly feels bloated, puffy and uncomfortable

You’re training like a demon and cutting calories but still can’t see the results of your hard work

You’re exhausted yet insomnia keeps you awake half the night

Your cravings feel out of control

You start each Monday committed to your weight loss goals, but give up because nothing seems to work


Whether you’re a newbie to exercise or an advanced gym-goer, I’ve got you. The Menopause Project gives you proven strategies to shift stubborn fat, sculpt lean muscle, feel energised and powerful - all without hours on the treadmill or drastic diets. 

Feeling fed up with your bod but don't know what to do? Start right here.

The only program you need for sustainable results

The Menopause Project train


The Menopause Project nourish


The Menopause Project mindset


The Menopause Project results


Sick of diets, fads, cutting carbs and fighting the scale?

I hear you. Grab my FREE no-fail Fat Loss Plan for Women Over 40 and get real results.

Want fat loss, fast? If you’re struggling with hormonal weight gain, slow metabolism and stubborn belly fat, I’ve got you. Get my free Fat Loss Plan for Women Over 40 to kickstart your body transformation, amp up your weight loss and give your brain a break from the ‘what to eat’ whirlwind.


What's Inside:

What to eat

How to train

The truth about alcohol and fat loss

How to quit dieting FOREVER

What's NOT:

No crazy cardio

No fasting, keto or meal replacement shakes

No BS!

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The Menopause Project

What is The Menopause Project?

Workouts to build strength & burn fat

Nutrition to fuel your busy day & deliver results

Stress management techniques to combat insomnia & low mood

Powerful community cheering you on to achieve your total body transformation!


You can expect science-backed strategies proven to help women over 40 achieve your best ever body - lean, powerful and UNSTOPPABLE!

Dive right in!

The Menopause Project train blog

Training hacks to transform your body into a fat-burning machine.


The Menopause Project eat blog


What to eat for the body you want. Easy recipes, fast.

The Menopause Project blog wellness


Simple lifestyle hacks to deliver EPIC results.

I deal only in no-BS, proven techniques that get you the results you crave - tight, toned, lean and strong. No fancy foods. No fad diets. No ridiculous Insta-fit exercises. 


I’m 47, a mum of two, a cancer survivor and a menopausal weapon! I have been in your shoes - tired, angry, puffy, gaining weight no matter what I did, hungry and hunting for a change.


So I rebuilt my body and created The Menopause Project, becoming leaner, stronger and fitter than ever before. See how I fought back after entering menopause in my 40s while overcoming Stage 3 cancer, motherhood, hectic schedules and overwhelming stress to become a warrior for women. 

The Menopause Project Courtney

Hey! I’m Courtney.

I’m a Specialist Women’s Coach and Body Transformation Expert, obsessed with helping women over 40 feel freaking amazing. I’m a true believer that most women have no idea how confident and powerful they can truly feel. And I help get you there.


I created The Menopause Project after working with hundreds of beautiful women who hated on themselves, had given up hope of ever having abs, believed their hormones and metabolism were broken and had given up hope. The Menopause Project strips fat and builds strength, unveiling the UNSTOPPABLE woman within. (Yes, you. Yes, it really works.)

Client Love

Jodie, 53

"Thank you for changing my life. Today I woke up and felt amazing. My body feels so good, it feels strong and young again. I couldn’t have done it without your unwavering support, guidance, education and friendship."

Let's Connect

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The Menopause Project

There’s nothing more formidable than a woman on fire

Your life isn’t over at menopause. It has only just begun. You are truly capable of EPIC results, a total body transformation, a jaw-dropping physique and a fierce confidence that only a woman over 40 commands.


Ditch the diets. Stop hating your body. Don’t give up. You’re only just getting started and your time is NOW. 


I’m here for you. I know you can do it. Let’s go!

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