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Barbell Bootcamp

Barbell Bootcamp

Barbell Bootcamp

$49 per person

Saturday 17 February

9am - 1030am

My private strength studio, Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast

Limit: 20 people only


Learn to lift safely, so you can lift HEAVY!


Nail your lifting technique. Learn how to brace and breathe on the big lifts. Perfect your squat and deadlift, and learn to engage your core and pelvic floor so you can accelerate your results inside INFERNO. Avoid injury, learn how to add weight safely and get individual feedback on your technique from Courtney Robinson, Specialist Women's Coach. From beginners to advanced, you'll gain expert tips, confidence and motivation in this 90 minute exclusive Barbell Bootcamp - only for INFERNO members. Limit 20 people only - book now!

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