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What to do when 'Eat Less, Train More' no longer works

Ditch fad diets, fasting and excess exercise with my 5 Step Guide. Combat meno-belly, hormonal symptoms and bloating. Get strong and sculpted, even in menopause!


Sick of fasting, fads, cutting carbs and fighting the scale?

Struggling with hormonal weight gain, slow metabolism and stubborn belly fat in your 40s, 50s and beyond? I’ve got you.

I’ve trained 100s of women just like you who felt they were too old, too tired, had let themselves go too far, had been defeated by menopause, had tried EVERYTHING and nothing bloody works! They struggled with what to eat, how often to train, whether to do fasting or keto or go vegan or cut carbs - the mental load is EXHAUSTING.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. You absolutely CAN get the body you want. At any age. You can find yourself again. Be strong, confident, happy and healthy. Be proud and freaking hot. Yes, YOU. Dive in and let’s do this.

5 Step Guide for Women Over 40

Kylie, 47

"I look strong, fit and fierce again. I bought new swimmers and wear them with confidence!”

Janelle, 53

“I have owned these shorts for 4 years and never fit into them. Now they are too loose!”

Sarah, 45

"I feel bloody awesome and so much stronger and more toned now!"

Get strong and sculpted.
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